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We are always open to exploring ethical and mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses that align with our values. We look for serious deals which enable us to more effectively achieve our mission while helping you achieve your own goals in some way in return.

Please contact our directors directly using the emails provided on their staff profiles. Be concise and also make it clear what kind of suggestion you might be proposing, and hence why you would like to talk with us further. 

Our mission is to equip charitable organizations and members of the community with the powerful economic insights and financial knowledge they need to thrive.

We currently fulfill this mission through three broad actions.

  1. We help charities to measuretrack and communicate their social impact.
  2. We increase the financial literacy rates in the broader community.
  3. We translate our hands-on experience into improved third sector research outcomes.

Our core values include:

  • Compassion and Understanding
  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Collaborative, client-centred approach
  • Individual empowerment
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Staff/volunteer support
  • Continual learning & growth

Businesses we are particularly interested in partnering with include (but are certainly not limited to) those involved in economic consulting, management consulting, commercial services, banking, financial services, big data analytics, modelling, policy, VET, coaching, teaching, financial literacy, economics research, indigenous education, and many others.

We have hundreds of highly-skilled individuals in our teams across multiple countries, and we want to be able to ensure they both create and receive increasing value for their time expended serving the community.

If you have a serious idea for a mutually beneficial partnership, please do not hesitate to contact our directors directly. 


We are always open to media requests, interviews, guest blogs, collaborative publications, and more. Please contact us for more information

Our directors and most of our executive staff are active speakers and are available for speaking at events, conferences, and other occasions. You can contact them for more information on their fee structures. 

Nicholas Johnson